Hell On Earth status

Some of you may know (and even fewer may care) that my e-book series Hell on Earth began last October.  It is set to be a trilogy and may become a 4-part deal when it is all said and done.  I am writing this update primarily to keep those of you that have purchased Darklights,  the first book of the series, in the know about where things are headed.

I originally told Synerg-E Books that I’d have Book 2, tentatively titled Of Keys and Fire, in their inbox by February of this year.  That is almost surely not going to happen, though.  Since Darklights went on sale, I have starting sinking into the bogs of my short stories and sending them out to various publications.  Not only that, but I have changed the ending of Book 2 twice already because it seemed rushed and sloppy.  Synerg-E has been more than cool about this; they prefer for the story to be well-crafted rather than  to be restricted with deadlines.

Hell On Earth is a pretty blatant horror novel.  I opted to go the e-book route with it because while I deeply enjoy the book and the characters within in it, it just seems like a pulpy sort of tale, dark for the sake of being dark, and it somehow seemed to fit into the much smaller e-book venue.  I guess you could say that it’s my little B-movie.  While finishing Darklights, I suddenly found myself wanting to go in different directions with my writing and therefore, the series came to a momentary pause as I tried to decide how I wanted to continue it.  Not that I am in any way ashamed of this series; it just seemed to be a better fit in the e-book environment and it was a good way for me to become familiar with the e-book experience.


Anyway, I am now hoping have Book 2 finished sometime around the summer.  In the meantime, if you aren’t familiar with my Hell on Earth series, get yourself acquainted at www.myspace.com/hellonearthseries.  From there, you can read enough about it to see if it’s for you or not and there are also links to Synerg-E’s page as well as a few other cool places.

Also, keep checking back…2008 isn’t even a month old yet and I have already sent out 4 short stories.  Hopefully there will be some news concerning these submissions within the following weeks.


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