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Music and art are both massive inspirations to me.  Certain songs or even sounds will trigger some response in the cataclysm that is my brain and it eventually comes out in words.  The same can be said for art, particularly incredibly moving photography.  Bouncing through the internet this afternoon, I came across an amazing artist/photographer, Andy Taylor Smith.  Several of his pictures had me in awe; I looked at them for several minutes, blown away and trying to imagine what these places might feel like, what sort of things might happen in these altered worlds. 

Enjoy these, but please go by his website www.andytaylorsmith.com or go to Eyestorm and maybe even buy some (a luxury I unfortunately cannot afford).




This actually reminds me of a creative writing exercise I was once assigned in high school.  If you get bored, sit and stare and just write.  A song, a poem, it doesn’t matter.  Words are words and the only thing that is important is that you be creative with them.  Maybe all of this is stemming from the fact that I started the new King novel Duma Key two nights ago and it got me thinking of art.  Either way…I think the middle one is my favorite.



  1. Well I agree some of these pictures are good but the rest are too dark / weird and shows a preoccupation with loneliness, and would seem to portray an image of someone who is troubled. There are many Photographers who have a certain something and can capture an image and it just makes you feel wonderful and shows the beauty in even the simplest things, but I feel that this one Photographer just a middle of the road Photographer who will never be more than just that, sorry but this is my personal view.. Paul

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