A “no” and an “almost there.”

The response times I mentioned in my previous post seem to be on track so far.  Here were are, 6 days into May and I have already received 2 replies regarding my stories.

This morning I got a rejection from Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens.  It was passed due to the short length; in the past they have published quite a bit of flash fiction and according to the e-mail I received, they have met their flash quota for the next issue.  The story, “Alternative Medicines” comes in at 1,101 words and is a totally absurd/wtf sort of story.  Naturally, Bust Down the Door… was the first place I thought of after it was written.  Now I have no idea where to send this weirdo story next.  If anyone out there has any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

The other response was from Morrigan Books for their Voices anthology.  I have made it to the shortlist with my story “Filling the Void”.  I should hear something final by the end of the week.  Of course, there is a sense of accomplishment to have made it this far (their shortlist as of Saturday consisted of 26 stories) but it’s sort of like running a race; you can see the finish line a few yards ahead of you and while you’re in the lead, you have this nagging worry that your leg is going to cramp up and cause you to fall face first onto the track inches away from the finish.

Chipper, aren’t I?  Anyway, hopefully I will post here when I get their final decision.  And hopefully it will be good news.  Now, as I scratch “Alternative Medicines” from my list, I need to decide if I want to stick to my vow of working on only the bigger projects for the month or if I want to submit to the ideas that are bouncing around in my head for the Luna anthology…



  1. Barry – Seems that they’ve made their decisions and are preparing the acceptance/rejection letters right now. Now for a day of constantly pressing the refresh key and waiting. Hold me?

  2. Go for the Luna anthology – that’s what’s keeping me at my computer at the moment (despite the weather finally hitting 72F).

    Interesting title you have there with ‘Filling the Void’, makes me want to know more.

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