Reviving some old ideas

The last 10 days have been fairly productive for me. Despite my instinct to stick with writing on my bigger projects until I hear back from at least 5 of the stories I have out there (running tally is now 12), I reverted back to short stories.

After being dealt a rejection for The Black Garden, I decided to write another story for it.  I used an idea for a story I had come up with waaaaay back in high school but never wrote.  It was that story that stays in the back of your head because it seems a little too ambitious (most writers, from what I understand, have about 100 of these).  Anyway, I hunkered down and MADE myself write it.

The first draft was abysmal.  Second draft was horrid.  Third draft (almost a total re-write) was much better.  Some editing and additions to it had me rather proud that I had finally gotten this story out.  It’s called “How the Darkness Took Him” and was sent off on Monday.  Christopher (editor of The Black Garden) is pretty quick on response times, so hopefully I’ll hear something soon.

I was so happy with how “How the Darkness Took Him” turned out that I pulled out another old idea that I have tried (and failed) to write several times.  I had the forthcoming anthology The Book of Tentacles in mind for this one.  I spent most of Monday writing it, adding to the 4 pages I had written on it sometime last year.  After edits and deciding on a title – which will probably end up being “Smaller Parts of the Whole” –  I’m sending it off today. 

I’m actually very happy to have 2 stories that have been in my TO DO bin for way too long.

Of course, this only adds 2 more stories to my WAITING ON RESPONSES list.  Perhaps I’m too impatient to be a successful writer…?


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