First acceptance of ’08

As always, I checked my e-mail the moment I arrived to work this morning. I do this quite a bit (as in about 10-20 times a day) when I have many subs floating around in limbo. And sitting in my In Box this morning was a mail from Shroud.

My short story/flash piece “Bogg’s Island” has been accepted for their Northern Haunts anthology!  Notice that in the title of this post I said “first acceptance”…that is because all proceeds from the anthology are going to the American Cancer Society and I plan on donating the money I would receive for the story to their cause.  So while it’s technically the first “sale” for me of ’08, someone else will be getting the money.

Peeking around the horror forums, this anthology seems to be generating quite the buzz due to the subject matter and setup.  If you’re unfamiliar with it, go HERE, scroll down a ways, and check it out.



  1. TOC buddies! Pull up a chair, I’ve got margaritas in the blender and a couple extra cartons of smokes. There’s flesh on the grill, and blood in the bathtub, if your’re weird like that.

  2. JC…I’m not a smoker…nor am I fond of blood filled bathtubs, regardless of what my fiction may suggest.

    Cate: Thanks. Keep us posted on your sub as well!

  3. congrats man.
    how the fuck have you been?
    go to my myspace and check out the new girlfriend.

    how’s the wife and kid?
    the new pics in the pool are beautiful by the way.

    not you. the kid and wife. you ugly bastage.

    and i fixed that post. i didn’t realize all that myspace html was at the top of it. no wonder no one’s taken a look at that post very much. good luck with more acceptances. and i miss proofreading and brainstorming with you. it has affected my creativity….stunted it. 😦 but i’ll man up and get over it.


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