Slow day

Slow work day and I’m giving my brain/eyes a rest with my writing for the day.  So I was reading some blogs and came to the conclusion that most people apparently stop paying attention to grammar studies some time around the 7th grade.

It makes me quite angry.  Especially when I see such mistakes in a newspaper or in any sort of advertising.  And while re-reading and editing my own work, finding errors like this sends me to the brink of cardiac arrest.

How close, you ask?  Here’s a chart.

(See more of these here).



  1. I personally refuse to spellcheck my blog. I figure I make sure everything else I write is done with correct grammer, punctuation, and spelling…the hell with the blog! Bring forth the errors!

  2. Cate: No, not yours. It was mostly those really sad and pointless entertainme…er, I mean political blogs.

    Natalie: Yeah, the whole site that I swiped that from is classic.

    JC: I’m far too anal about things like that. I get OCD about spellcheck most of the time. It’s freaking me out right now, knowing that there is no spellcheck feature for this post. I’ll justre-read it about 5 times before pressing SUBMIT.

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