Blood Routes

I’ve been working with the guys over at Graveside Tales on an online serial novel for the last few months and I am pleased to announce that it will launch sometime shortly after the 4th of July holiday.

The novel is called Blood Routes and is without a doubt one of the oddest ideas I’ve ever put to paper/computer screen.  I’m extremely excited about this project, particularly the chance to have it in the online serial / blog format.  Blood Routeswill be the fourth online novel put out by Graveside Tales and in the coming days, I will be sure to post more about it.

For now, here’s the banner art I did for it and a very brief synopsis.  

Evan has been running drugs for most of his life, so working under pressure has never bothered him.  But one day in a small New Mexico town, Evan gets involved in a job that has him mixed up with a bizarre and nearly legendary Native American tribe.  The tribe has heard rumors of a charter bus that runs along the barren desert highways late at night; it does not make stops and it does not pick up passengers and has been said to even drive off of the roads and into the desert.   

During what is easily the worst day of his life, Evan finds himself forced to board the bus where he quickly discovers that the bus and its passengers have nothing to do with drug trafficking.  The people aboard the bus are a strange bunch; instead of luggage, they carry axes and knives.  And there is a desperate moaning sound coming from the storage compartment.  Even worse is the thing they have hidden in the restroom and their eventual destination… 



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