“Grave Seasons” is now available

The summer edition of Southern Fried Weirdness is up! As I posted after my vacation, my story “Grave Seasons” is included in it. Please swing by, give it a read and let me know what you think. Also be sure to check out the other stories and poems. I have actually enjoyed the poetry section quite a bit.

Now, my plans for the week:  Inch closer to finishing off Hell on Earth, Book 2: Of Keys and Fire; give a final try for a story for the Malpractice anthology;  Start writing out the idea I have for Permuted Press’ upcoming anthology The World is Dead; write at least 2,000 words on Broken Skies before I convince myself it’s too big of an idea to wrap up into a neat 300 page manuscript.

Wish me luck.



  1. Good luck!
    I’d love to get something together for “The World is Dead” but zombie stories are my weak point. Didn’t watched the movies growing up, so I’m behind curve you could say.

  2. Okay, you may have two messages from me (my computer keeps eating everything so I’ll leave my message again).

    I’ve printed your story out and will read it on the way into work tomorrow. Excited.

    My story for Malpractice is done, dusted and awaiting a response, and I am currently stuck mid zombie-ville.

  3. You know the sad things? The zombies sort of play a very small role in my current piece. I mean, TINY. They’re there, but it’s more of a place where the dead rising provided the opening for my real villian.

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