Helping to kill Mother Goose

Clearing the cobwebs out of the inbox this morning, I received a reply from the editors of the Mother Goose is Dead anthology.  They have accepted my story “How the Darkness Took Him”, a story about the genesis of one of the world’s most feared legends.  (I’m a stickler for not ruining stories, so I won’t say which legend…you’ll just have to check the story out when the antho is released).

So not only am I stoked about that, but I am also excited about the progression of Blood Routes.  In closing, I thought I’d put up the tentative advertising banner designed by the fabulous Stephen Blundell so all of you could see it and hopefully get as excited as I am about the project. 
Only a few more days folks.  Have you subscribed yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?



  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Barry! It’s a very, very good day. Love the banner, don’t forget to send me the html code thingy (I am so technical) when you have it.

  2. Cate: Will do. And congrats on your acceptance,too!

    Natalie: I actually used to LOVE fairy tales. This sory was kind of my way of deconstructing some of them.

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