Several Things

It’s one of those days where there’s nothing big to post about, but I do have several smaller things to share. So here we go..

Blood Routes starts today!:  The first post of Blood Routes has been posted, thus kicking off the project.  Today’s post was the entire first chapter; in the future, I will probably break up the chapters to make briefer posts but I wanted to do something special for the first post so, wa-la, a whole chapter.  Swing by, subscribe and let me know what you think!

Too many ideas:  Currently, I am devoutly working on 3 novels: Broken Skies, Hell on Earth, Book 2 and Blood Routes.  Located elsewhere in my head/harddrive/USB drives are 6 short stories I would like to finish plus two other novels that I have been consistently adding on for the last two years or so.  One of these is The Dark, which, at this time last year, I had planned on finishing up as soon as possible.  But somehow Broken Skies took that role instead.  I mention this only because I have had another idea lurking in the back of my head, one that, if I ever start writing it, will be a series and it will have a very detailed structure.  I want to start writing on it but I don’t want to crowd the waters of my other projects.  Any thoughts, comments or ideas from anyone about this?

Stephen King’s “N.”: Mr. King has started a new somewhat animated series that is available only on the internet.  The series, N. is based on a short story that will be included in his forthcoming short story collection.  If you’re a fan of King, I highly recommend this.  The art and overall feel of it is stunning and the story is shaping up to be prime King material.  You can check out what it’s all about here.

Michael Bay to ruin a classic  The firs question that comes to mind is why anyone would remake the original Friday the 13th.  Well, get ready to weep horror fans because it’s already in the works.  And Michael Bay is directing.  Rather than go on and on about how terrible of a director he is, I can sum up my feelings with this inspirational clip from Team America.

And that’s all out of me for now.  Back to the pile of stories I have going in an attempt to make room for the constantly chunring ideas…



  1. Michael Bay’s Friday the 13th. Isn’t that one of the signs of the apocalypse?

    With Ben Affleck as Jason.

  2. Most days I have nothing big to post about. And BLOOD ROUTES is huge news. I need to check out the first chapter this weekend. WOOT!

  3. Natalie: A great song indeed!

    onemoreshadow: And there will surely be some explosions in there somewhere. And someone will have to hack the internet.

    Cate: Thanks. I hope you’re enjoying it so far!

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