Ah, so now the floodgates open

Lesson learned: never complain about Writer’s Block.

Last night, with the taste of NyQuil in my mouth and the sad realization that yes, I am going to sleep at 9:40 (EST), I thought of a new twist to throw into Blood Routes.  It may end up making the story a bit more unbelievable, but hey, it’s horror…I’m not going for the Oprah “sticker of approval” here.

On the heels of that twist, I started building up this scene in my head, a scene unrelated to Blood Routes but inspired by that I-Just-Licked-a-Battery taste that NyQuil has.  This scene seemed easy enough to write but I had no current stories where it was needed.  So I thought “Sweet, I’ll make a short story out of it.  Okay, so where do I go from this scene?”  I put some ideas together and was delightfuly surprised that if I open the story up just right, I can include ANOTHER partiuclar scene that’s been in my head for about a year and never found its way to paper.  Of course, all of this adding and adding turned my nifty short story idea into a novella length idea.  And if working on Blood Routes and Broken Skies has taught me anything, it’s that I am apparently not able to write a novella…they become novels instead.

Not that I mind writing novels, mind you.  It’s just that I’m currently actively working on 3 at once.  Two of these are still in first draft stage (Blood Routes, Broken Skies) while the other is very close to being DONE.  And then, whenever one of these is finished, I already have one in progress that will take its place.  (If you’ll look waaaay back to the start of this blog, you may recall a project called The Dark; it’s current 224 pages cry out to me sometimes like the unwanted child I had once feared it had become).

So with this new novel idea in my head, that makes two SOLID ideas for novels I have that I have not yet written a single word for.  Add these two to the pile of novels that I have started and are waiting patiently to be fed AND the three that I am actively working on now and that’s EIGHT novels.  And then the one I am currently shopping around makes nine.  (This would make me incredibly happy if I could sell just one; until then, however, my little hobby is drowning me).

So yeah, if you ever start feeling flustered about writer’s block, just remember this and then you’ll zip it.

Now, in other writing news…I ventured over to SpecFic and saw that they have redsigned the place and it looks pretty amazing.  Even better is that they have officially placed It Came From Planet Mars on their Coming Soon list.  From the looks of it, the artwork has been finalized.  If you recall from several posts ago, my story “Tricks of Shadow and Light” will be included in this anthology.  So of course, I’ll keep you posted.

Now, let me go tend to these needy, wordy children of mine before they feel unwamted like their brethren.



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