Still lagging

I am technically still unemployed.  There are a few little freelance things here and there but nothing to really constitute the security of bringing home a steady paycheck.  Not yet anyway; I have an interview for a gig today that could pay well, so we’ll see.

But who cares…this is a writing blog.  Not one of those blogs where people get on and spout off their problems and quote really bad philosophy texts (or worse yet, the new Three Doors Down song).  But I digress…

On the writing end of things, I managed to get a bit done since my last post and have some news updates.  First of all, I finished a story called (tentatively) “When the Green Speaks”.  I was going to send this to Stymie Magazine, but it turned out to be a bit darker than I had intended.  I think it needs a slight rewrite and then we’ll see where I end up sending it off.   I also managed to add about 1,000 words to Broken Skies and edited about 15 pages of Hell On Earth, Book 2.

As for the news…I have recently been informed that The Bleeding Room, the much obssesed over novel I have been shopping around off and on for about a year or so, has made it through to the final reading stage of a certain small press.  I will keep all involved parties anonymous until a decision is reached.  I’m trying not to get too excited, but it’s very hard to do.

So until next time, it’s just me and my stack of resumes…and my poor neglected writing.



  1. Good luck with the interview, Barry.

    And who’s this small press outfit? Would it be one with which we’re both familiar? Whoever it is, good luck with that also.

  2. Thanks for the luck everyone.

    Mike – No, it’s not the one that I’m sure we’re both thinking of. Although the gods of said press know about the project.

    Natalie – No, no eating. Although that had come to mind..but the idea turned into the Sandworms parts of Beetlejuice.

    Cate – Thanks. With your recent success, having those obviously busy fingers crossed means a lot!

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