“F**k It!” (or “Aww, I love you guys, too.”)

It has not escaped me that there is quite the spreading of love going around the blogs of us writers of the dark within the last day or so.  Time (and maybe effort..I’ll admit it) have kept me from participating, but I’ve explained to most of the important parties why this is so.

But…JC, Catherine, Natalie, Aaron and anyone else I missed, thanks for the plugs and the love and the readership.  I wish I had time to read everyone’s blog on a daily basis…sadly enough, I was able to do so when I had a job…now that I’m unemployed it seems that I’m far too busy for such luxuries.  Odd, huh?

Anyway, now for the f**k it portion of the blog.  (Note: I actually do curse in my writing.  But when speaking, not so much.  And to me, a blog is more like a converstion that no one really pays much attention to).

Those that have been reading faithfully know of a little project called Broken Skies I have been working on.  I have not touched it in about 2 weeks.  I left it standing at just over 68,000 words.  There may be about 10-12,000 remaining.  And it’s going to be HARD.  I’m talking a total rhetorical analysis on life, God, evil, death, the universe and everything else man has ever questioned.  I keep thinking about it and thinking about it and it scares me a bit.

Part of me just wants to bow out in defeat.  But the other half of me is saying “You know what?…you’re only 28.  Write it.  Send it out.  If it gets butchered, so be it.  If it get’s rejected at every turn, who cares?  You’re young…you’ll survive…you’ll write something else.”  (And I’m sure there are plenty of blog friends that wouldn’t mind reading a few sections…cough,cough, nudge, nudge).

So I decided last night, after watching The Shield and trying to get to sleep that I’m going to finish it.  And I’m not going to peck away at it.  I’m going to find two or three days where I know I can write for good chunks of time, and I’m going to knock it out.

Wish me luck.

P.S.  I wish someone would have told me how nerve-wracking it is to know that your novel is undergoing a final read for publication.  I’m seriously sweating bullets…and who knows how long I’ll sweat them for…phew!



  1. Hey, you’re almost done! Let me know if you need a section read. I only ask that it be 100 pages or less, more than that and it could be weeks before I can give feedback.

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