Some ideas are just stubborn

Is there anything worse than being excited about a themed anthology and then not being able to write a single suitable page for the story you’d like to send to it? (I’m sure there is much worse than this, but for the sake of my complaining, just agree, would ya)?

I’m currently experiencing this with the Dia de los Muertos Anthology. I’ve had two different story idea for this one but every time I try to start writing, I get flustered by the start of the second page. I’ve started it seven different ways and still nothing. I really think I’ll leave this one be and try to get my head around the ending to Broken Skies instead.  (And no, I didn’t get around to starting the end of it last weekend like I said I would…)

This is just terribly frustrating.  I mean, the pictures from the Wiki article for Day of the Dead alone should be enough inspiration.  How cool is this?:

Any of you guys out there sub to this?  And, if so, did it give you this much trouble?



  1. Got an idea for this one but don’t know if it will get legs and walk away or just be a stumpy little cripple begging for pennies on the street.

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