Holy crap, where did THAT come from? *and* an antho update

So things are looking SLOWLY up in the work scope of things.  The freelance thing is beginning to sort of pay off and I have some interviews lined up for more secure jobs next week.  However, the title of this post refers to something that happened to me this morning.

While working on a freelance job, I somehow thought about a short story I wrote YEARS ago and was wondering how I could make it better. I started thinking about it and before I knew it, I had connected some very peculiar dots.  This old story idea had me thinking about new story ideas.  Mainly, the idea that has been escaping me for the Dia de los Meurtos anthology.   So I opened up the measly 852 words I had already written for that story, incorporated the main idea to the old story and wrote non-stopped for about an hour and a half.  I went back, re-read it and now need to edit it.  But I think it works.  It may be a bit darker than they are looking for, but I’m very pleased with it.

After edits, I estimate the story “The Drums Will Take You There” to be in the 3200 word range…2700 words of which were written in a blind frenzy within a 90-100 minute span.  So whew,…sorta wiped out for now.

Of course, I hear that the editors are pretty quick in their response time.  So if I can get this out by the end of the day, maybe I’ll have an update pretty soon.

Oh, also, I have it on pretty good authority (namely the editor) that the much talked about anthology Ghosts In the Machine is very close to its final stages.  According to e-mails (yes, I’ve been pestering him…usually a bad thing, but he seems very cool with it), responses should be going out any day now.  If you recall, my short story “After Passing”, written for this antho, scared the pants off of me while being written, so I have my fingers crossed HARD for this one.

Just thought I’d let you guys know.



  1. I love the blinding fury writing sessions. They seem to be inspired and, at least for me, bare fruit. Good luck, I hope both markets take your material.

  2. ‘The Drums Will Take You There’ – cool title. Liking.

    I emailed the editor of ‘Ghosts in the Machine’ on the 11th as to the status of the project and didn’t get a reply. Puts hands on hips and pouts.

  3. Good on both counts! I’d emailed the editor of “Ghosts in the Machine” a while back and got the response that they were thinking about opening up a second submissions period on it.

    As for “Dia de los Muertos”, today is dedciated to developing a story for that one.”

  4. Jamie – I rarely have those blinding furies, so we’ll see what mine produces.

    Cate: Thanks. It took me longer to come up with the title than it did to write the story, I think.

    Mike: Sent!

    JC: Best of luck with the Dia.. sub

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