I hate going an entire week without posting.  It means that there is either nothing going on or that when I do post again, there is much to report.  This post is somewhere in the middle.

First of all, the BIG NEWS that I was raving about on the last post is still in the works.  It’s a looooong process and, when it’s all said and done, may come down to nothing.  So while I’m still a bit weary of talking at length about it, I’ll give the bare(subtle) bones:  I can’t write scripts; screenplay format frightens me.  Yet I threw a pitch for a television series towards Certain People and we have been in talks for a little over a week regarding the sloppy script for the pilot I wrote, the synopsis and various character sketches and ideas.  As of right now, due to money concerns, things are idling.  From the little I know about this whole process, this could take a month to start going, or it could take 3 years.  And even then, as I said, it could boil down to nada.  But I’ll keep you guys posted.

Also, I’m still awaiting final word on The Bleeding Room, which, if you recall was passed ahead to a final reading stage a little over a month ago.  I went back and reread it and now almost hope that they ask for a rewrite.  I like the way it ended, but I came up with a whole new, twisted way to end it.  Of course, this is a moot point as of right now.

In other news, the ToC for Northern Haunts has been released.  I would post it here, but it’s on a gazillion other blogs as it is.  You can read it at Shroud’s blog.

Now, the thing that I’m really excited about (for the last day or so).  Typically, when I get an idea for a short story, I start writing in immediately.  If it sucks, I go back and alter it however I see fit.  But the other day as I was driving into town, I passed two guys jogging/running.  They looked bored, lifeless, and as if they did this thing every day…so much that they really didn’t even know why they were doing it anymore.  And from that, a story was born.  But it has not been written yet.  This has the potential to be a very harrowing story and I want to make sure I give it the care and treatment that I would a novel.  With a working title of “The Mannerisms of Runners”, I’m aiming for a 3,500-4,000 word story.  I plan on starting it this afternoon.

And that’s about it.  I added about 2,000 words to Blood Routes over the last week and roughly 5,500 to Broken Skies (which looks to have about 20 pages left and then a big fat THE END).

‘Til next time guys…



  1. Thanks for the kind comments everyone. Let me stress, however, that there is not yet anything to celebrate. This is actually one of those cases where I am going out of my way to not get excited about it.

    Regardless, thanks!

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