The whirlwind that will be November

So today I took a look at some of the things that will be occuring for me in November.

NaNoWriMo is an obvious time consumer, but there are a few other things I’ve been waiting for as well.  I really want to get 2 or 3 ideas going for 52 Stitches.  I’m not great at flash fiction, and I know to not even bother trying to write it unless I am in the mood.  I have been in the flash-mood for about the last week and have done nothing about it.  The timing for my two acceptances for Northern Haunts was perfect.  I wrote five flash peices in the course of a week and the two I selected for Northern Haunts made it through right away.  Word is still out on the other two (the fifth became a 1,100 worder) which are at Flash Fiction Online and Horror D’oeuvres.

Also, I got a hold request from Allegory for my story “Jinx”.  I should hear something within the next few days.  Needless to say, an acceptance would be an awesome way to start off the month.  And, if the guidelines for the Dia de los Meurtos anthology are any indication, I (like many of you) should be getting a response for my story “The Drums Will Take You There.”

But there’s no sense in worrying about November when there are a few trick-or-treat inspired hours reamining in October.  Dress-up time for my daughter is in in t-minus 3 hours…



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