“Hi, Inbox. Remember me?”

Something’s got to give.  My Inbox is scaring me.  Typically, on an average day, I get anywhere between 15-18 e-mails.  These usually consist of story rejections and freelance-related stuff.  But ever since Monday, I think I have gotten 16 mails total.  I wonder if this is the calm before some very beautiful and life-altering storm.  I am, after all, awaiting e-mails related to the following:

  • A follow-up for the hold request from Allegory for my story “Jinx”
  • A yes or no on the final full read of The Bleeding Room
  • Weren’t the Dia De Los Muertos replies supposed to go out sometime this month?
  • Some word on my interview from Monday (hopefully this will come in the form of a phone call, but who knows?…)

The only real writing-related things to announce are fairly minor.  For instance, I have been asked to do a re-write and full 22 page treatment for what will be Issue 1 of Birdwatching from Mars(see previous posts).  I have been given the privilege of selecting some very skilled artist to work on the project and if all goes as planned, I’ll have some sketches to see very soon and the initial draft of Issue 1 looks to be done sometime in late December or early January.  More on this as it comes in.

Also, due to NaNo and my near obssesion with trying to end Broken Skies, I have only written one piece of short fiction in the past month.  This was “An Eight Becomes Two Zeros” which will be included in 52 Stitches.  This has broken my goal of trying to churn out at least an initial draft of 2 short stories every month.  However, speaking of NaNo, I have not yet admitted defeat.  I read this week that Stephen King (writing as Mr. Bachman) wrote The Running Man‘s first draft in 4 days.  Of course, I’m no Stephen King, but that’s still a pretty good motivator.

Now, on to some small freelance stuff and hopefully then to the NaNo novel The Masks of Our Fathers.



  1. Fingers crossed for all your projects. I get about 100 emails a day (95% are spam). I think the Birdwatching from Mars project sounds very exciting.

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