Monkey see, monkey do

I suppose everyone thinks they’re a film maker now, huh?  And I’m no different.  Here’s my little skit created over at Xtranormal.  If I ever get employed and can justify spending much more time on things like this, I think I’d like to start a series called The Book Folks.  Here’s the pilot.

update:  Imagine that!  WordPress won’t let me embed the code!  Blogger is looking better and better every day.  In the meantime, you can view the silliness here.



  1. There is something seriously wrong with all of us to think that these wooden little actors are funny but, man not only are they funny- they are hilarious.

  2. Sorry to hear of the WordPress trouble. For some of the kinks, though, I’ve found the dashboard of WP better than Blogger’s, though. Just my $.02

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