Forget ’09…closing in on ’08 goals

In my last post, I gave a few goals that I had in mind to close out 2008.  With only one more day to go, here’s where they are (as a means of accountability, I feel like I have to report this to someone, even if it is only the blogosphere).

Finish Broken Skies: This is going well.  I’m so close to being done that it’s killing me.  I estimated another 2,000 words or so and draft #1 is done.

Riding in Trucks With Ghosts: I finished this 4,400 word short story and it currently rests in limbo.  I really like the way this turned out and would hesitantly say that it is my best short story to date.  Let’s hope a few editors feel the same.

Today’s Bargain: Written for the Devil’s Food anthology, draft #1 is done.  It is quite awkward in a few places, so it needs some editing before it is sent off.

Additionally, inspiration struck for both of the open anthologies at Severed Press.  For the Dead Bait anthology, I pulled out one of my trunk stories and am currently rewriting it; it is becoming a brand new story but I hope a better one because of it.  While writing it, I got another idea for the same anthology, so hopefully I will eventually have a back-up story for this one.  Then, for the 2012 AD anthology, I am currently toying with a story tentatively titled “The Party at the End of the World”.  And, of course, it is looking to turn out to be one of my typical 4,500  not-quitee horror but dark all the same sort of stories.

So yeah, I’ll take that 75% completion rate with the added bonus story thrown in.

If I don’t manage to get on here before then, here’s hoping everyone has a fantastic New Year!



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