Maybe I’m too picky…

I wanted to spruce up the blog a bit, so I thought I’d change the header.  I like the one that is currently up there, but  there were actually two that I ended up creating that I liked quite a bit and it was a tough decision to make.  Granted, my art skills are limited to Photoshop and Illustrator.  Also, I’ve recently become obsessed with black and white and minimalist photography.

So how about a little vote?  What do you guys think?  Do I keep the one that is currently serving as the header, or is the one below more to your liking?


Of course, popular opinion may lead me to believe that both of them suck.  But with the limitation on WordPress themes (that is, without dishing out a bit of money which I am not in the position to do) really leaves this as the only option to add a bit of creativity to the page.

As you have probably assumed by now, from the lack of anything related to writing, it has been a slow writing day.  I’m thinking of working up something for The First Line sometime this week.  But that’s about it.

Okay folks, cast your votes!



  1. I have to say I like the current header. It gives a ‘children of the corn’ feel to it that, while I may be biased living in corn country, is hard to match for creepiness, especially if you have ever gotten lost in a corn field and night is approaching with the animals around you starting their nightly forage for food.

  2. Thanks for the voting everyone. Honestly, I was leaning heavily to the second one as well, but in the end the forboding quality of the cornfield won out.

    Mary – No, I can’t do a random header. I am TRYING to figure out a way to perhaps get Option #2 as the header for the About Me page, but I don’t think there’s a way to do it…

    Keep the votes coming! Current tally: 3-1

  3. I’m for the current one as well. Cornfields are horrifying for two reasons:

    1. I’m from mountains, so when I’m in a long stretch of plains I feel exposed, awkward, and generally uncomfortable. Cornfields are the worst.


    2. When I was a kid I ran out into the living room while my parents were watching Children of the Corn one night. It pretty much scared the hell out of me. (It came back quickly, though.)

    I will say, however, that you couldn’t lose with either. Nice!

  4. Thanks for the votes and suggestions everyone. It has sealed my decision and I have made the suggested changes. I think maybe I’ll try to include the header that didn’t make it elsewhere on the blog. Maybe I can squeeze it in accordingly on the About Me page. We shall see…

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