So okay…I’m not even done with House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski yet and I can safely say that it has gotten to me like no other book has.  I actually had a bad dream (not quite a nightmare) concerning it last night.  I feel uneasy when I read it.  I can’t seem to make myself put it down.  It upsets me that I waited so long to read this book.


It’s awesome to be so involved with reading a book.  I very rarely recommend a book so publicly, but if you have not read it, go do so as soon as possible.

(Note: Let’s hope I don’t jinx the antho by posting this; the last time I posted such news it was for the Ghosts in the Machine anthology and…well, has anyone heard from them yet?)

Also, for those of you waiting in the ranks for updates from the Dia de los Meurtos anthology, I received an update from Electrik Milk Bath Press yesterday, responding to a pestering e-mail I sent them in late December.  The anthology is still underway and according to them, final responses will be going out in a few weeks.  I am particularly antsy because I was notified that my story “The Drums Will Take You There” made it to the shortlist.

So that’s two shortlists for the month of January (Dead Bait) being the other.  Imagine my anxiety.  Yeesh.  And them couple that with nearing the end of House of Leaves.



  1. House of Leaves takes horror (if you can call it that) to a whole new level. Stephen King…scary, but I can put the book away. Leaves, scary, but it stays with you.

  2. Yippee for shortlists. I have my fingers crossed and now I know what I am going to look for with the B&N gift certificate my mother in law gave me. thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I withdrew my story from Ghosts in the Machine a couple of months ago. Good luck with the other stories and thanks for the book recommendation.

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