Skewed Fairytale

There was an acceptance in my in-box this morning! Everyday Weirdness will be publishing my poem “Abandoned Bridges” within the next week or so. I will obviously be posting a link to it here when it is due.

The poem has been in several stages.  It was originally written for a fairytale themed anthology last year.  Then, realizing that I was filling it with too much unnecessary subplot, I knocked it down to a flash story and then, about a month ago, altered it into a poem.  It’s a very quick and depressing sort of fairy tale that I think we’ve all envisioned from time to time.

Also, I got a third (count ’em three) shortlist notice.  This one was for the Untitled horror anthology at Comet Press.

And for those of you that have promised to beat me mercilessly with lead (and PVC, even) pipes, I managed to get about 1,300 words added to the still-untitled series last night.  I plan to spend the weekend tinkering with this and also editing a large portion of the first draft of Broken Skies.

Until then, kiddies…have a great Super Bowl weekend.  I will be rooting on the Cardinals because it actually pains me a bit to pull for an AFC team…that and Larry Fitzgerald is a beast.



  1. Congratulations on the acceptance. I’ve read a couple of the stories over at Everyday Weirdness, and they’ve all been good.

    Oh, and the words ‘Skewed Fairytale’ made me go all tingly – I love anything to do with modern fairytales.

  2. Thanks, guys!

    Jamie – It sounds impressive, but it really only equates to 3x the anticipation…

    Cate – I spent forever trying to determine if Fairytale was one or two words

    Aaron – Indeed…a certain tale about a miniature city comes to mind!

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