Abandoned Bridges

Wow, that was fast.  “Abandoned Bridges” is now up at Every Day Weirdness.  So if you aren’t too preoccupied (it is after all, Sunday and to top it off, it’s Super Bowl Sunday), please swing by and check it out.  Or, if you’re reading this after Sunday, I guess you’ll need to visit that link and press “Previous Day” until you see it.

That’s it out of me for today.  I am very sad to say that I got absolutely no writing done this weekend.  I was actually busy reorganizing my “office”.  And my reorganizing, I mean moving some old furniture around to give me about an extra 2 feet of space so I don’t feel so claustrophobic.

Claustrophobia is a weird thing…it comes in very handy when writing horror.  Not so much while writing freelance articles about law firms.



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