I’ll tell you what the problem is…

There aren’t enough hours in the day.  That’s the problem.

Well, maybe there are,but I’m getting to the age where at least 6 of those hours need to go towards sleeping.  I think that as a writer hoping to one day make the big-time, I (as well as most other up-and-comers) have forced myself into a nearly impossible situation.  That is, trying to create the output of writing that a pro does.  The difference of course, is that pros (thinking King, Gaiman, Barker and the like) have a great deal of time to write.  While I’m sure there are PR duties to be done, I think it’s a safe bet to assume that if Mr. King wishes to write for 8 hours in the course of one day, he does so.

Not the case here.  Over the past week, I have only managed to get in about two and a half hours of writing.  Work comes first, obviously.  I have to eat…and even though I could go without food for two days or so if I absolutely had to, I have to think of the wife whom is 7.5 months pregnant and my 22 month old daughter.  So first comes work…and then after that there are the family-related duties: potty training, cleaning house, cleaning litter boxes (my peak of hatred towards cat’s comes during this pleasant time), stuff like that.

I believe that this is why I often fear I talk in my sleep; I find myself trying to fall asleep only to be kept awake by a bloody parade of ideas and characters and stories that I fear may never get written.  To rid myself of that distraction, I have made a schedule for this week, one that allows me about eight hours of writing time throughout the week.  And hopefully, it will give me some time to work on and (gasp) maybe even finish some of the projects I have going on.

Which brings me to my checklist of projects.  It looks something like this:

  • 3 short stories currently being written
  • 2 novels currently being written (3 if you include Blood Routes)
  • Outlining the still untitled (but looking to be a 5-part) series
  • Editing the final draft of Broken Skies
  • Hammering out “episode” #2 of Birdwatching From Mars

So yes, I stand rigidly by my philosophy of there simply not being enough hours in the day.  On a side note,…today was not the day to see if I could go an entire day without coffee…



  1. I third that nomination and ain’t potty training fun (I am working on a 22 month old boy who could care less) At least all my cats are outside.

  2. The choice is write faster or make the day longer. My writing isn’t all that great when I push too fast, so the day must, I repeat: must, be longer.

    I demand it.

  3. I agree, the day needs to be longer or I need to find a way to get by with less sleep. I get about an hour each afternoon (which is right now for me) to check email, blogs, etc. I don’t sit down to write until 9 pm. From then until midnight is my writing time. The problem is, by the time 9 rolls around, I am so exhausted from work, chores, cooking, cleaning, spending time with the kids (we have the four legged variety) and wife that I’m lucky to string enough words together to form a coherent sentence. Much of what I write during the week gets heavily revised. My best work (IMO) is done on weekends.

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