But really, you’re all winners…

Friday is upon us.  And the 13th, at that.  And while this rarely ever happens to me, I awoke with a spring in my step and a slight sleepy smile on my face.  Workflow looks good, I finally got a response on The Bleeding Room from one of the publishers that are considering it and the weather outside is once again very nice.

The response on The Bleeding Room was neither a nod nor a shake of the head.  It was more along the lines of “We love the idea, it has tons of promise, and we’re very interested but consider these alterations and let’s see where it takes us.”  So while I am not quite doing cartwheels this morning, there is a very pleasant mood aorund my house.

(The fact that my daughter just recently starting saying “I love you” helps as well…only for her, it comes out as “Ahwuub oooh.”  Horror writer or not, if that doesn’t melt you, then you have no soul).

Now for the post title…most of you know that the job/finance situation around these parts is meager these days.  Five months of unemployment will do that…However, I have a contest for everyone out there.  While the prize may not be much, it’s still free fiction.

Now, the contest…you all know that I am a music junkie.  I have decided (perhaps because I am such an outstanding mood) that I will post random music videos on Fridays.  I did something similar over on my page on the Graveside Tales Social Network and it was called What Ghosts Listen To.  While I like that title, I thought I should retitle it for this page.  So…I’m looking for a new title/name for this feature.  Leave your suggestion in the comments section; it should be based around music and Fridays.  The winner will be selected on Monday and will receive a PDF copy of the It Came From Planet Mars anthology featuring my story “Tricks of Shadow and Light”.  And if you already have that, I can dig something else up for you.

I have a pretty eclectic and diverse taste in music.  So if the music doesn’t suit you one week, don’t let it detour you from returning the following Friday.  Most of what I post will be what I consider to be “writing music”.  But for today, to kick off this as of yet unnamed feature, I give you “Marble House” by The Knife.  Not the sort of thing I listen to while writing, but I really do like the group and this video in ingenious.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Super-Happy Update: As of 11:09 EST, I am currently staring in giddy excitement at my copy of Northern Haunts which sits perched alongside my keyboard.  So bright, so shiny…HOORAY!



  1. I’m perpetually titled blocked, but I’m excited about what new music I may discover through this!

    Congratulations on the promising response, and on having Northern Haunts on your bookshelf. Exciting things all around on this Friday the 13th.

    Horror writer or not, if that doesn’t melt you, then you have no soul
    Hell, I have no soul and that STILL melts me.

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