No news…so laugh

I think my In-Box is broken. 

No responses on any stories for about 10 days now.  Which is good on the one hand because it means no rejections.  But no acceptances either.  Hermph.

And, due to the lack of writing news, I give you some of the funniest and most inventive impressions/characters ever, ala Zack Galifanakis.

My favorite is the 5 year old with a beard.



  1. Thanks. I needed a laugh.

    My inbox has been broken for five days now. I think it is a conspiracy. Either that or they are just taking their time.

  2. I think my Outlook has a checkbox in the settings tab that says “Accept All Rejections and Reject All Acceptances (including re-writes and partial requests)”.

    Damn default settings.

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