When a writer doesn’t write

You will never hear me complain that I have too much work.  To me, there is no such thing.  However, work is keeping me from writing and it is driving me crazy.  In the past four days, the most writing I have done has consisted of editing 36 pages of The Bleeding Room.  There is a short story that is begging to be finished and another one that I’d like to begin.  Then there is Book 1 to the series I started a month or so ago; the ideas for this one just keep coming and I fear some of them may slip away into the ether if they don’t get written soon.

I am also struggling with my flash (but was once a short story) story “The Mannerisms of Runners”.  Does it stay as is or do I covert it into poetry?  Decisions, decisions…

Oh, and speaking of poems, I received an e-mail from Rich Ristow, the brain behind Death In Common, in which he included yet another review/blurb for the upcoming horror poetry anthology.  This one is from Mike Allen and reads:

For the connoisseur of the morbid, opening Death in Common will be akin to sorting through a delightfully gore-soaked Whitman’s Sampler of sweetmeats, discovering wicked flavors with each new bite. From Rich Ristow’s fascinatingly ghoulish concept spills a full cornucopia of horrors, from Marge Simon’s dark elegance to the gruesome poetic justice of Wrath James White, from Kurt Newton’s blood-black comedy to Christopher Conlon’s unsettling poignancy, from Louise Bohmer’s sensual brutality to the beautiful despair of Barry Napier’s finale.

It looks as if Death In Common will be released sometime by Summer, so I hope you all get interested in this.  The premise was intriguing to me and, quite frankly, I’m excited that this is where my first accepted and paid-for poems (although “Abandoned Bridges” has since been posted at Everyday Weirdness) will be featured.

Okay, back to work so that I can perhaps convince the clock to cough up a few extra hours to write.

Oh, and check out this hilarious article over at The Onion.



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