Weekend of redemption

I am very sad to say that I managed a whopping 0 words this week.  Work has been crazy-busy (a good thing, I suppose) and I have just not had the energy or spirit to place myself in front of the computer for an additional 3 hours every day/night.

Of course, I plan on redeeming myself over the weekend.  If I don’t get down some if the ideas for the series I’m tinkering with, I’m going to go mad!  I also think I have a title going for the series as a whole…not sure yet, though.  It relies on part of the first book that hasn’t been written yet.

I also need to write some new stuff because the “due dates” for some of the shortlists I am on are scheduled for the next week or so (this includes Comet Press and, from what they have told me, the folks at Elektrik Milk Press for Dia des los Muertos).  Perhaps writing will take my mind off of the impending responses.

Anyway, I’m off of here for now.  I feel cheap in a way…writing on my blog which is about writing, without having written anything all week.

Oh, and for those interested, I now have a fairly regular gig over at Freelance Writerville.  Check out my newest article and find out what I wrestle with nearly every day.



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