Back to the world of the (mostly) living

Our second child, Benjamin Warren Napier, was born on April 2nd.  We brought him home on Saturday (the 4th) and I think I have managed to get 7 hours of sleep since then.  Oddly enough, I am not tired at all.

Obviously, being busy with the new baby has temporarily made writing a thing of the past.  I did, however, come up with a new idea for a short story while in the hospital.  And dammit, it looks to be another of those literary horror (shudders at that term) stories.

Also, in the course of the time that I was in the hospital with The Wife and the new baby, I received two rejections; one of these was from Allegory for my shortlisted story “This Tour Don’t Roll Through Seattle.”  I am in love with this story and this is the second rejection it has received.  Still, both rejections said basically the same thing: Great story, not quite dark enough for us.  It’s a story based on some very cool music history and I’m afraid may go over some people’s heads.  If there are any true music junkies that read this blog and want to beta read this for me to see why it may be nearing a strike-out, I’d appreciate it.

Later today at some point, I plan to spend about an hour on the final edit of The Bleeding Room. My intent is to have it back to the publisher by the end of April.

Now to get to work.  And maybe, if I’m lucky, a nap at some point today…

Oh and for those of you that get all warm and fuzzy over babies… here is Benjamin.  (Notice his shirt, which you can’t read.  It’s an electric guitar and the shirt reads Rock me to sleep). That’s my boy!



  1. Congratulations, again, on the birth of your boy. Glad everything is going well, although that sleep thing will eventually catch up to you.

    Send me a copy of that story. I would be happy to have a look see.

  2. Jamie – Ah, trusty old you. You know, if I could pay you for these services, I would…

    Joshua – I assumed as much. Thanks!

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