Morning Miscellany

There is no real writing news to speak of.  I am still editing away at The Bleeding Room; my story for Vermin is patiently waiting for me to finish it; I subbed a brand new story that came out of nowhere over the weekend to The First Line; still waiting on artist specs for Birdwatching From Mars.

So, as I tend to do, here are some miscellaneous tidbits that really have nothing to do with writing.  I give you one recommendation and a rant of sorts (albeit a friendly one).

The recommendation – I have already mentioned this on Twitter today (I refuse to use the word tweet), but if you have not yet given Fringe the attention it deserves, you are missing out.  Last week’s episode was a great horror-esque story that made me miss The X-Files terribly (but in a good way) and last night’s episode…whew!  If you saw it, you will instantly know what awesome imagery I am about to refer to that came towards the end of the show.  It was without a doubt the best 10 minutes of television I have seen in quite some time.  I highly recommend heading over to and watching it ASAP.

The friendly rant – It’s not really a rant at all.  This is concerning an issue I have actually personally contacted people about.  We all know that Blogger seems to win more people over than WordPress.  And because of that, I believe Blogger has gotten snooty.  If you are operating on Blogger, please, for the sake of us WordPressers, make sure your comments allow the name/URL option rather than the Live ID nonsense which really never works at all.  Quite a few folks that comment on this blog are Bloggers and when I check out their blogs, I am unable to leave any blog love.  It makes me sad and forces me to resent Blogger just a little but more.

But hey, WordPress isn’t all steak and potatoes either.  The jerks still have no way of embedding music into posts (that I can find).

Okay, now back to the Day Job…



  1. We didn’t have cable when ‘Fringe’ started (there was a big dispute in the UK between the two big satellite/cable companies and I was a customer of the losing team) so I missed the first half of the series and consequently haven’t bothered with the latter. From the adverts I’ve seen though it looks really cool so I may have to buy me the DVD.

  2. Jamie – Yeah, at second glance, I guess I did get a little bit done.

    Cate – Yeah, you’re missing a treat!

    Aaron -You, sir, are not among the guilty! Ah, and that’s another great thing about WordPress…no spam!

  3. I use the Audio player plugin for WP to put music in posts. Of course, you have to upload the actual MP3 to your own server.

    Man, I gave up on Fringe a while ago. Figures it’s getting good now! Curses!

  4. I still miss the xfiles. at least the first few years or so. but i am stubborn and refuse to watch fringe. maybe bc i’m afraid if i start watching i’ll become addicted…

  5. I still get pissed that that guy at the Record Exchange said that the Vandals weren’t a real band after the “D.P.O.” episode of the X-Files. Could you point that guy out in a line-up?

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