The wind up and the pitch…

I was delighted to receive an e-mail from Paper Crow this morning, stating that they would like to accept and include my poem “Well Rested Towns” for their very first issue.  While that issue is still a long-time coming (early 2010), it still marks my first poem published in a print magazine.

Additionally, here is some news on the Birdwatching From Mars/comic book front. So far, I have not been able to use the company’s name and that is because they have discovered that an older company used to have the name.  And although said company is now out of business, there is apparently paperwork and all other kinds of stuff that needs to be wrestled with before anything is official.

Secondly, I am very pleased with the new artist that I will be working with.  He has sent some very basic sketches and those alone have convinced me.  He is currently penciling Issue #1 and I am working on the script for Issue #2.  According to him and the owner of the company, I should be seeing some panels and full pages within the next few weeks.  We’re hoping to have Issue #1 in print no later than September.  As more details on the art and the company come to me, I’ll post them.

Also, I was asked to pitch another idea to the company last week.  Apparently, they had an art team assigned to a project that fell through and now that team has no work.  So I put together a synopsis for a novel that I junked a while back because it was too complex.  I added some comic book flavor to it, made it a bit more expansive in plot and mythology and sent it to them.  I received word this morning that with some very minor changes, the series is a go.

Titled Nights In Gomorrah, it will be much darker than Birdwatching From Mars and rather than a one-time series of 25-30 issues, this one could very well be a long-running sort of comic.  Well, first I need to find the time to write Issue #1 and send it off.  Now where will I find that time?  No clue.

Anyway, I’m also editing the last chapters of The Bleeding Room and it looks as if my goal of sending it back as a final draft by the end of the month will be accomplished.

I’m nervous as hell about it, but that’s a whole different blog post…



  1. Congrats on the poem, and the graphic novel/comic projects sound brilliant and exciting. (Well, we knew about the first one, but it’s still exciting!) Can’t wait to hear what you think of the panels and full pages– I’m so in love with the medium.

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