All the Little Secrets…

So tonight was the second time I have been left alone with both of the kids since Benjamin was born a little over 3 weeks ago.  The first time wasn’t so bad, but tonight was a doozy.  (You know it’s bad when I pull out a term like “doozy”).  Emma, our daughter, was crying because she apparently now hates bedtime and Benjamin was crying because the beast that is his stomach demands to be fed every 90 minutes or so.

Usually, this would have driven me pretty close to insane.  However, the acceptance in my inbox this afternoon did a lot to help.

My story “All the Little Secrets” has been accepted by The Edge of Propinquity.  For those of you who missed the explanation of this story a few posts back, it was one of my many attempts at a literary story with horror and sci-fi elements to it.  It is also mostly the internal dilemma of one man while at work…but he has a pretty interesting job which, I believe, makes the story readable.

According to the contract, this one will be up in July.  I will obviously keep you all posted.

Oh and also, I am scheduled to see some preliminary art for the first few panels of issue #1 of Birdwatching From Mars this week, so I’m excited about that as well.

Now to try to squeeze in an hour or so of editing on The Bleeding Room.



  1. Congratulations! Huzzahs from me as well, unless huzzah means something other than hooray in which case you’re getting a manly handshake and that’s IT, buddy.

  2. Congrats, Barry! Literary and horror go well together me thinks. And yeah, kids were made to drive men insane!

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