Little by little…

I nearly started this post out with my usual sulking opener of “not much news because work has been crazy.”  But then I thought that hey, I actually got quite a lot accomplished this week.

For instance, after agreeing to a rewrite request, my poem “Lives Upon a Napkin” was accepted by Every Day Poets.

Also, earlier in the week, my story “All the Little Secrets” was accepted by The Edge of Propiquinty.

I also managed to edit 61 pages on The Bleeding Room as well as write 5 pages for the script for Issue #1 of Nights in Gomorrah. And perhaps most surprisingly, a short story attacked me…like out of nowhere.  I wrote a fairly twisted and bizarre story called “Butt of the Joke” and barely squeaked it in to The First Line before their deadline.

So hey, I guess that little by little I am figuring out a way to make room for my writing.

And now, in celebration of the weekend, I present you with one of the greatest rock songs ever recorded.  (From one of the most underrated bands in history during a reunion phase after a 12 year break-up).



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