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I made a promise to myself that I would not check my e-mail while on vacation.  Nor would I blog or Twitter.  After two days I convinced myself that it was okay to check my e-mail on my Blackberry just as long as I didn’t respond to any mails.  Somehow, I managed to hold to that.  As a result, I just spent an hour catching up on e-mails.

While away, a few things of note occurred in Barry’s World of Writing.

First of foremost, I was notified by Rich Ristow, the poetry editor over at Dark Recesses that the zine has closed.  Of course, that means that the two poems that they had accepted are mine once again.  He gave me some very kind words and I will be looking for new homes for them.

Secondly, I was invited to participate in a very unique poetry project that is still very much in development.  At the risk of jinxing it, I won’t post many more details until things are coming along a bit smoother.

Lastly,  Birdwatching From Mars continues to come along slowly but surely.  While at the beach, I received the first color test for a finalized page.  Mind you, the real final page will obviously have text and dialogue on it,  but here’s how it looks so far:


I am incredibly impressed and every time I get a new development for Issue #1, I get so much more excited.  I am very close to finishing Issue #2 and have already jotted down some scenes for Issue #3.  Again, until publication time rolls around, I’m trying to keep details on the plot hush-hush.

As for my writing this week, I’m keeping the goals rather low.  Work is going to be crazy and I’m not going to depress myself by setting unrealistic goals.  If I can get a poem into Death in Common 2 and finish my Terrible Wizard of Oz story, I think I’ll be okay.  Of course, if I just happen to knock out Broken Skies in the process, then so be it.

Until next time….



  1. I have read a lot of comic books and the artwork that is depicted here is more graphic novel than comic book (and good graphic novel at that) Such detail is rare in comic art. You have a top notch artist at work here. I can’t wait to read the story line.

  2. Barry, that page is gorgeous. I cannot wait to see the first issue.

    Hope your vacation was relaxing– but with a ban on answering emails and twittering and such, it must’ve been!

  3. Thanks for the kind words guys. I am bursting to let spill a FEW details about the plot, but I need to await an approval from the “bosses”. We’re working on some sort of viral campaign sorta thing to get the word out for now.

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