Dumping my brain (or how stories are born)

This post may read like one of those weird movies that jumps around from narrative to narrative, so I apologize for any dizziness.

I think the completion of The Bleeding Room and it’s full-read request as well as the very near completion of Broken Skies has got me to thinking about what the next obvious step would be.  Before yesterday, I had several options in no real order of importance.  It went as follows:

~Work on finishing The Dark

~Piece together a collection of short stories and poems and seek a publisher

~Work on Book 1 of The Everything Theory

So as I started sorting out my saved files and tinkering with some plot holes in The Everything Theory, I realized that I’m going to be scrapping that idea.  18,500 pages into it, and it has been scrapped.

Only, not really.  (This is where the rabbit trail winds off in 100 directions, so bare with me).

Flash back a few months with me.  Remember the post where I talked about pitching a new idea to the comic people I am writing Birdwatching From Mars for?  Well, they liked it and wanted to run with it.  Only, as it turns out, it’s a pretty daunting task just writing Birdwatching From Mars.  So, as of two weeks ago, I withdrew the pitch.

Now, about that pitch…similar to Birdwatching From Mars, it was originally going to be a novel.  I got the idea about a year and a half ago.  But when I realized that the novel was going to be far to big for me to tackle (in length and idea) I retired the concept.  Then about five months ago the idea crept back into my head. I attempted to work it out in a very unique real-time serial sort of story via a blog.  This got three posts deep before I got the request for the pitch.  And, with the real-time serial story in my head, I remembered the plot of it when it  still wanted to be a novel.  And I thought, If done right, it would make an excellent graphic novel.

But then, as I said, I withdrew the pitch.

But the story kept clinging to my brain and it simply would not listen to me when I told it to go away because I had no time for it.  I have all this other stuff I want to write, stuff that is kicking my ass and I don’t have time for…

Wait a minute.

Another quick hop: I decided to scrap The Everything Theory because it was simply to similar to the plot of Fringe.  So what if I started jotting down notes for it before the show aired?  I think if, in a court of law, it came down to my word vs. JJ Abrams’, it would be a losing battle.  I’d say about 70% of what I planned to happen in The Everything Theory has been mentioned in Fringe. Still, the underlying concept is a bit different and if I could find some way to restructure it into another complex plot that would constitute a series…

(cue the light bulb going off)

All of that long-winded narration leads to the epiphany I had last night.  Being that I was bummed to end up tossing The Everything Theory and that I didn’t have time to write that second comic story (or any other incarnation of that story be it a serial blog or a novel), why not kill two birds with one stone?  So I spent an hour or so last night formulating a new idea.

By combining the un-Fringe parts of The Everything Theory with the pestering comic/novel/serial idea, there is more than enough material to constitute at least 5 books.  Not only that, but the loose ends of each individual story can easily be woven together.

So now I have my serial project back, tentatively titled Nights in Gomorrah.  Now all I need to do is find the time to write it.  I have the sketches from the blog and the 6,000 words or so I wrote towards it last year, but that’s it.

And that little transformation that I just described (in addition to the 2 month old wanting to eat at 1 am and 3 am) is why I got very little sleep last night.

Are you as exhausted by simply having read it?



  1. Exhausted in an excited way. God, I love when things that didn’t add up initially (no matter how I’ve tried) suddenly congeal into one beautiful idea. Those are the best sleepless nights in the world. Congrats on having one!

  2. i am confused, not exhausted. my summary is : you have gots a lot of writing to do. get to it now! (in my mind i said this in a v southern accent. just for your information)

  3. Grr, that’s so frustrating. I’m sure many of us have had the same thing happen. I know I’ve had to scrap a few ideas after finding out there were pre-existing movies, stories, books in the same vein of something I was working on.

    But I have to give you kudos for taking what’s unique and re-mixing it. That’s the fun part of storywriting – piecing it all together. Now the fun REALLY starts!

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