Cover me

So as I continue working on giving Darklights: Hell On Earth, Book 1 a facelift, one of the issues I am wrestling with is the cover art.  Last time, I threw something together and was happy with it.  This time however I actually took my time and also enlisted the help of a co-worker of sorts.

So, while the rewrites and other surgical procedures to the story are only about 40 pages in, the cover is coming along nicely.  It may even be done.  I have two versions of it as of right now and would appreciate everyone’s feedback.

Here is the primary design.


And here is the same design inverted and without the “light” effects and the orbs.


I can’t decide which route I like better. Thoughts?  Opinions?

Also, in holding my promise to myself (and the publisher) to better promote the book when it is released (or maybe it would be re-released if edited to this extent, I’m not sure), I think I’ll also be dropping indications as to what the story is about from time to time.  For now, if you’re at all curious, you can check out the horrid MySpace page I made for it in 2007.  You can see it here.



  1. I think that I like the second cover the best. It’s a little more shocking to see it on a white cover. They are both certainly attractive, and if I were browsing in a bookstore, either one would catch my attention.

  2. I like the dark cover because…well, because it’s dark. However, I like the white cover because the title is in dark lettering, which seems to imply a dark stain upon the light: something strange, ethereal and malevolent.

  3. Ooh, that is a tough one. They are both good. But I think I prefer the dark one for the front cover as it just looks a bit smoother and professional. Maybe you could still use the second one for posters and advertising and such?

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