Easy steps to become a nervous wreck

So, I achieved none of the goals I set for the weekend in my previous post. The family and I ended up going out of town for the weekend to see family and go to a wedding.

I will, however, forgive myself because the weekend proved quite nice. I received an e-mail on Saturday…a request to see the full manuscript for my short story and poem collection (would that be a miscellany?), Debris.

So that has been sent off and that makes 2 full manuscripts I have off in limbo-land.  (The other full I have out, for those of you new to the blog, is my novel, The Bleeding Room).

So yes.  Hi.  My name is Barry and I’m a nervous wreck.



  1. I have a hot wife too! The writers curse I guess. Seriously though, good luck with the manuscripts. I look forward to reading them in the comfort of my own library from one of my leather chairs.

  2. I have to say I’ve never been so entertained by someone else’s nervous wreck. Ah, the joy of writing. After a while you start pulling out your hair, unless your bald, then you’re good to go. lol.

    Good luck, Barry!

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