The weekend cometh

…and while I fully intend to do some writing (particularly on the Oz story), I have learned to not even try to make goals for myself.  I am terrible at keeping them and I have no idea what the weekend will bring.

I can tell you what the week brought, though.

First, the artists for Birdwatching From Mars continue to impress me.  I think I’ll be able to post some new art on the blog next week.  The artwork is so phenomenal that I am really beginning to doubt the power of my story.  And speaking of the story, I plan on releasing some promo material soon; finally you all will have some sort of an idea what the comic will be about.  We are really pressing hard to get the word out about this and I think that is asking a lot when we haven’t yet revealed anything about the plot.

Also, early indication from one of the editors at the press that requested Debris are fairly good.  Apparently, they aspire to quick response times, so perhaps I’ll get an answer in the next few weeks (or, if one is very hopeful, the next few days).

And that’s about it.  I did find out that my poem “Lives Upon a Napkin” will be going up on Every Day Poets sometime at the end of July.  Also, my story “All the Little Secrets” is due up at The Edge of Propinquity mid-July.

Okay everyone…spend your weekends writing!  Make me feel bad when I make it back to these parts next week!



  1. oh i’m totally to go write mucho this weekends. novels will be composed! collections will fall from the skies (er, of my mind or something)

    or *insert lie that’s slightly more believable* will happen :^)

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