Not so bizarre

I got a very positive rejection (sounds like a contradiction, but most of you probably know what I mean) from The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction yesterday.  Being that this was my first attempt at the genre, the rejection didn’t sting much.  They actually had tons of nice things to say but, in the end, it just wasn’t bizarre enough and lacked “punch” that they are looking for.

So now I need to find another market for my short story “Mi Casa Es Su Casa”.  To call it horror is a loooong stretch.  And it is quite weird.  So other than Everyday Weirdness, I am clueless.  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

And now, after only one week of participating, I will be pleading the 5th on WIP Wednesday today.  There are simply too mnay projects underway and I have had very little time to write in the past few days.  So to venture into WIP territory would only depress me.

On a side note, I am in a rather melancholy mood today.  Which led me to dub today as The Cure Wednesday.  I will be listening to the Cure all day.  Here’s a little something to get you all in the same mood.



  1. At least it was a nice rejection. That song took me back to high school. I had a friend who did his hair up in a Smith back then, only it was taller and purple.

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