I’m Not Listening to You…

That’s right…I’m talking to you.  You…new story that seems like a great idea but will probably end up disappointing me.  So what if I’ve already written about 2,000 words of you, just to test the waters?  There were others here before you and I need to give them their attention.  You don’t automatically get all the attention just because you’re new and shiny, you know…

Oh, who am I kidding.

You know how sometimes an idea comes along and it seems like THE idea of the year?  Well it hit me over the weekend.  I originally brushed it off, thinking “Nah, it’s a little too House of Leaves…maybe even a little bit too Blair Witch Project.”

But the idea lingered and I knew right away that I’d have to at least give it a try before dismissing it.  And the way the story starts is…well, it’s a bit unique and has me quite excited.  I won’t reveal too much until I know for sure that it’s going to make the cut.  There are two things that are bothering me about it so far (actually, there are like 100 things,  but these 2 are the most prevalent).

It’s going to be an odd length.  I’m shooting for 25-30,000 words.  (This, of course, rarely ever sticks)

It’s another of my one-person stories.  95% of the story involves one character facing something unknown AND their inner demons.  (Just like Broken Skies, which continues to elude me andThe Masks of Our Fathers which is surprisingly coming along quite nicely).

Oh, and also I think I’m going to need to find a volunteer photographer.  (Any candidates)?

The cool thing about it is that the plot I have envisioned is going to be quite a test.  And I also get the feeling that if it works, it can be written fairly quickly.  But we shall see.

And that’s an update.  I promise to not abandon the blogging world for weeks on end like last week.



  1. Saw the headline and assumed immediately you were talking to your inner editor. But talking directly to the story? That’s a new one.

    Gonna give that one a try myself.

  2. Yeah when they stick around like that, they’re definitely worth giving a real, honest to god try. Good luck, and have fun. We’ll be waiting to see what comes of it– it’s fun to watch something grow from the beginning.

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