Friday Randomness

A few things, not really of note, but worth a second blog post for the week I believe.

First, seeing as how there are only slightly more than 3 months remaining in the year, I have readjusted my 2009 goals.  If I can get the following done by year’s end, I will feel as if I have accomplished something.

Finish Broken Skies: With only one chapter remaining and waiting on some research to pan out, this seems very doable.

Finish the oddly lengthed story: This is saved on my hard drive as “The Transcript Story” mainly because I can’t think of a proper title.  I’m leaning towards The Final Studies of Cooper M. Reid but I’m not too sure.  I’m really thinking this may make a nice chapbook sort of thing.  It’s looking to end up in 13-15,000 word territory.

Knock out the first draft of The Masks of Our Fathers: This one is sitting at 25,003 words right now.  It might end up in the 60,000 word range.

And I’m not even considering NaNoWriMo yet (although the story I have planned for it keeps reminded me it’s there).

And that’s it.

In other news, keep checking back because within a week or so, I plan on kicking off a contest for the release of Debris.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Barry, I saw your name in my comments section on my oooold blog post and wondered what happened to. you. Glad to have found you. 😀

    I already read Carrie’s book and I loved it! I’m about to read HUNGER GAMES, and a few horror titles. Also reading AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman. 😀

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