A Return Trip

Monday morning acceptances MAY just be the best kind.

I checked my mail this morning to find that my story “Letters to God About Sin” will be published in Issue #4 of The New Bedlam Project. This will be the second story to see the e-pages of TNBP.

In other news, I am really trying to set writing goals for myself.  For instance, this week I would like to edit at least 30 pages of the newly discovered Under the Skin (which I strongly believe will be retitled) and write at least 2,000 words on “The Final Studies of Cooper M. Reid”.  Very low goals, I know.  But work comes first, sadly.  And because of that, it is basically impossible to know how much I can realistically contribute to my writing.

Meanwhile, I continue to fight off the new ideas that keep popping up.  I am jotting them down in a notebook for now and counting them last night, I discovered that I have 4 novel ideas waiting patiently to be started.  One of them is basically 100% mapped out and another of them is a very challenging task which I think may end up jumping to the top of the pile (more on this one in a future post, I’m sure).

Now, back to work.  Here’s hoping everyone has a productive writing week.



  1. It’s ALWAYS awesome to have a stockpile of ideas sitting there building up steam while you’re working on other things, isn’t it? I find myself running for a notebook or over to the computer while watching TV, hanging out in museums, whatever for some of my dormant projects all the time. A good position to be in!

    Gratz on the acceptance!

  2. Sincere congrats. Was thinking of you today when posting my most recent missive about Stephen King’s new book. Apparently, you ain’t the first to . . . misplace . . . a thick tome.

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