Almost like chainsaw juggling

I understand that Wednesdays are typically reserved for “works in progress” posts, but as I sat down this morning, waiting on instructions form work, I went through all of the projects that are currently active and managed to both depress and motivate myself at the same time.

It’s a good thing I made the decision to stay away from short stories (see previous post).  If I plan on finishing any of the following, I wouldn’t have time for shorts, anyway.

The Masks of Our Fathers: 25,200 words (of an estimated 60,000)

The Final Case of Cooper M. Reid: 4,200 words (of an estimated 15,000)

Under the Skin: have only edited 2,600 or so words of the manuscript which currently stands at 93,000 or so (planned rewrites will most likely have this closer to the 75,000 word range when it’s all said and done).

The Nowhere Tree (planned NaNo Project): Almost 100% mapped out.

The currently untitled project that I really don’t have the time for but the idea just won’t go away so I’m letting it have its way: This one is most mapped out, too.  As soon as I can write the “intro” to it, I’ll probably post about it here at some point.  It’s a pretty lofty project but I think I have to at least TRY it.

Birdwatching From Mars, Issue 3: The final script for BFM for 2009.  It’s about 70% done.

And that is basically how I will be spending the remainder of my 2009.  Wish me luck!



  1. Impressive. I’m trying to get all of my short stories written before NaNoNovember because I know there isn’t any way that I’ll even begin to cast a look in their direction. But December, too? Tough!

    Good luck, although you won’t need it. You’re making your own luck. 🙂

  2. Much good luck! I find such lists indispensable in getting through a pile of tough work like this. And, oddly, they seem to make it more fun, too.

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