Quick Bits (with bonus music)

A busy day today, so I will see if I can get across all of the worthwhile  information down in bullet-fashion.

Debris has been proofed and, I believe, will be sent to the printers within the next few days.

Just got permission to include a pretty unique prize for the upcoming Debris Super-Duper Ultra Cool Contest.  More to come in the coming days.

Brokes Skies is now so close to being finished that it scares me.  (Any willing beta readers that aren’t afraid of hurting my feelings, feel free to raise your hand).

I have found a photographer that, I believe, is going to assist with some of the oddities I will be including in my admittedly overly-complicated chapbook/novella project The Final Case of Cooper M. Reid. More on this project to come.

And now, although I am no longer the biggest fan of their music, here is what both a rock show AND story based songs should sound and look like.  (If you aren’t familiar with the structure of Coheed and Cambria’s albums and songs, do yourself a favor and Wiki or Google them).



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