The DEBRIS Contest

Hey guys…with a little less than 2 weeks before Debris becomes available, I wanted to get the Debris Giveaway Contest kicked into gear.  I’m hoping it’s going to be as fun as I have it pictured as well as a unique way to pimp the work of our other writer friends!

To enter the Debris Giveaway Contest, here’s all you have to do:

Locate a horror or dark fiction story or poem online that really stuck with you.  It can be a story by anyone at all but it would be awesome if it was a work by an author that you have listed in your blogroll…an author that frequently leaves comments on your blog…an author that, while you may not find their work in Barnes and Noble, still rocks the online horror community we have all come to know and love.

Post the link to that story in the comments section of this post.  Briefly describe why you think the story or poem is awesome.  You can enter no more than 2 times.

And that’s it.

Upon entering, your name will be written down on a Post-It, folded in half and thrown into my old school throwback leather-type Washington Redskins helmet (because apparently, that is all it is good for this season).  Winners will be drawn out of the helmet on November 2nd.

You have between right now and 11:59 p.m. on Halloween to enter.  There will be two winners and they will receive the prizes listed below

Runner Up

* An autographed copy of Debris

Grand Prize Winner

* An autographed copy of Debris

* Little Grey Man by C.S. Morse:  This is just a fun little extra.  I was obsessed with this comic/graphic novel a few years back.  One of the stories in Debris was loosely inspired by it.  After reading it, you will never view UFO Conspiracies the same way ever again.  Complete with crashed saucers, robotic turtles, Men In Black and even ninjas, this book is a ton of fun!

* An advanced test copy of Birdwatching From Mars, Issue #1: ThereBFM logo are only going to be a few copies of this printed.  These will only be given to the Birdwatching From Mars team, reviewers and, now, YOU.  You’ll get Issue #1 roughly 3-4 months before it is officially released!

Okay folks…start weeding out all of your favorite horror stories online and post your favorites in the comments section.  Remember, you can enter up to 2 times.

Spread the word!



  1. I cannot have faith in the Redskins helmet– there’s no way it’ll give me love. (Then again, my team is AFC– it’s not like I’m a Cowgirls fan…)

    Still, I cannot resist! This is just my kind of contest, and the prizes are too, too sweet. Picking just one is impossible, so thanks for the “you can enter twice” rule.

    Hmm, going through my bookmarks, for my first pick I’m going with Mike Stone’s The Fall of Azaliel and Lorcas from 52 Stitches.

    I read a lot of good stuff last year, but this one makes me smile every time I think of it, and I’ve definitely recced it all over the place. Not only does he have a beautiful way with words, but this one’s a perfect example of dark humor. That’s a really difficult thing to capture. It just makes me cackle with glee.

  2. Welllll I’m going to go with Cate Gardner’s Trench Foot as my second pick. When I try and explain her style to my friends and family (since I’m forever the annoying person who talks about things they read), I now direct them to this one. It’s so singular and so pretty and so darkly weird and whimsical.

    I can see I’m going to have to keep coming back to this thread for the next week. Already found one I hadn’t seen before, and people are naming all my other favorites. And it’s only just begun!

  3. Man, this is a tough one…so many good stories out there. Of the (very short list of) people who visit my blog, I think Aaron Polson’s “Gary Sump is an Angry God” stuck in my head the most. The idea of sitting across the street from this guy, watching him terrorize this little balsa wood town just made me giggle.

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  5. Okay, I’ve been meaning to enter this and keep getting side tracked so I’m happy about the bonmus hours ;c)

    I’m also over the moon because it allows me to pick Aaron’s ‘Tesoro’s Magic Bullet’ over at Nossa Morte.

    For my second pick I choose Nat Sin’s The Second Cousin of the Monkey King!

    For my third – ah – so many to choose and not enough slots :c(

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