pokes head in, mumbles, makes exit

Being that writing remains a much-sought luxury these days, there’s really not much to report.   I will take a moment to share a surprise with you: Not only did I pre-order King’s Under the Dome for $8.98 from Walmart.com last week ($9.46 with tax and FREE shipping), but it actually arrived yesterday, on the actual release date.  And that was without my paying extra for speedy shipping.  So yes…I am all for this store competition over books…

The only writing of note I have done as of late are my daily poetry scribbles.  Sometimes these last about 2 minutes…other times I manage to drag them through the course of an entire day, giving them some attention here and there.  I realized on Monday that I am about 10 poems short of putting together a collection.  Granted, I usually only manage 1 poem of value (that is, to keep and work on at length later on) out of every 6 or so.  But still, hey…a goal is a goal.

Also, there is a new review of Debris up over at Horror and Fantasy Book Reviews that is far too kind.  You should check it out and drop a comment or two.

And that’s it for now.  Work is calling.  Actually, it’s screaming threats at me in a voice that reminds me of the Sargeant in “Seargeant Baker” by Primus.  So off I go…



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