…but wipe your feet first, please

Just a quick post to let you all know that my bizarre short/flash story “Mi Casa Es Su Casa” was accepted by Everyday Weirdness on Monday.  It was posted today and you can read it right now.  This is one of those oddball pieces that was born as a longer story, then became a poem, then ended up taking on the form of a flash story.  It was my first attempt at “bizarro” fiction and while I still don’t think it quite makes the grade for bizarro, it’s probably the oddest thing I have written to date.

In other writing news (there isn’t much), I knocked another poem out this morning and am still looking to have my impromptu collection together by the end of January.



  1. another collection? I thought you didn’t have time to write with the new job. Shows me what I know. Liked the story by the way. Very visual.

  2. Jamie – Yeah, but this one is a poetry collection that has sort of snuck up on me. A very pleasant surprise.

    Cate – Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. That brief little tale took about 5 weeks to get written, believe it or not…

  3. Loved it, Barry! Equally scared and intrigued to see what you come up with next. See what happens when you share the oddest thing you’ve written (to date)?!

  4. That was so cool (and weird, and pleasantly painful). The details were so perfectly placed, and the impact so huge. Love it, Barry.

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