Hurry up and wait

I had a rather reflective moment last night. I will attempt to share it. Bare with me…

It was a sort of symbolic gesture that I sent out the manuscript to A Mouth for Picket Fences at the very beginning of 2010.  It was my own way of letting myself and the procrastinating bozo that also resides within me that 2010 would be a productive year.  However, in terms of output, that has not yet been true.  Since the start of 2010, I have written only somewhere around 5,000 words and edited roughly 30 pages.  No poems, no short stories.  Although I have my first actual idea for a short story of 2010, I most likely won’t get to start on it for another few days.

Still, my little symbolic action got me to thinking and it cheered me quite a bit.  When you take a look at the work I have “out there”, the lull in writing productivity doesn’t seem so bad…especially with the following seeming to come along slowly but surely:

A Mouth For Picket Fences:  I think I worked so hard on this because it was a solicited submission.  Granted, it still seems bizarre to me that I was given the go ahead to send a book of poetry by an editor before really even querying, but I’m not complaining.  From recent correspondences, I’m thinking I’ll know something about this project by the end of the month.

Birdwatching from Mars: Pencils for Issue #1 are done and a few pages for Issue #2 have been sketched.  After the cover for Issue #1 is done and the final 3 pages are inked and colored, we will officially be done with Issue #1.  This has been a loooong process but we are truly hoping to have Issue #1 done within a few weeks.  I am also hoping that once we see the ARCs of Issue #1, it’ll motivate us to knock Issue #2 out in a few weeks (maybe as long as 2 months, as we had originally planned).

The Bleeding Room: I subbed this sucker like crazy in late 2008.  I got 3 full read requests, one of which was a straight out no in the end and one of which was a “we like it, but it’s just too long and not QUITE what we’re looking for.”  That third full request still remains under review.  It has been at Full Read status since last June and according to someone I know entwined in The Grapevine, a decision may be coming relatively soon.

So that’s a lot of eggs in a basket…a lot of lines in the water, if you will.  Now, if I can just find time to work on at least one of my VIPs on a regular basis, I’ll be in business.

In other news, I just realized on Monday that my story “Mi Casa Es Su Casa” was nominated for the Predators and Editors poll.  I have seen its status fluctuate between #19 and #16 in the past 24 hours which means that people ARE voting, so I guess that’s good.  if you haven’t yet, be sure to cast your votes…not just for me but to some of the other amazing authors on the list.  In looking at the nominees, but To Read list has now grown astronomically.



  1. Isn’t it fabulous to think someone thought enough of something you’ve written to nominate it. Who needs to win, the very idea is just delicious.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling positive about 2010. Fingers crossed etc etc etc.

  2. Congrats on the nomination! I’m totally using that poll as a way to expand my to-read list, as well. Isn’t it lovely?

    You do have a lot of lines in the water, and that’s really important to remember when wanting to beat yourself up. I came across the same issue in the end of 2009, wondering why I was getting nothing done and feeling useless.

    Also, so excited about Birdwatching. And did I mention I got Debris for Christmas? I did! Yay!

  3. Doing wonderfully well.

    The poll is amazing thing – at the moment, I’m stoked to be sharing 18th place with you ;c)

  4. Fingers crossed on all the waiting.

    Sounds to me like you’re doing very well in the productivity department, by the way. What with the semi-new job and all.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! It’s appreciated (and, as the end of this little novelette approaches, needed).

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