Writing has been slow going this week.

However, The Final Study of Cooper M. Reid is now done..of course, it was done 2 weeks ago until I did a final read through and decided that I didn’t like the way it ended.  Now I will re-read it again and see what happens.  There are a lot of elements to it that are precariously close to “cheating” in terms of formatting and plot development, but I think it works.  Maybe.

Also, I am noticing a trend for story ideas in 2010.  So far I have gotten ideas for 3 short stories.  While I have only started one of them, tentatively titled “Four Walls”, all three of them have been mapped out.  And, unlike the majority of my fiction, all three of them are fairly quick punch-to-the-gut sort of tales.  Two of them are somewhat creepy and flirt with horror although not in the visceral sense that seems to have abandoned me.  And the third is looking to be a straight sci-fi…something I have never really ever done.

And that’s about it.  I’d love to knock out at least one of those short stories by the end of the month.  With only 3 active submissions out in the ether, I am beginning to feel left out.

‘Til next time…



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